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  My childhood was happy with my mother’s love .In my young heart, my mother was strong and healthy and never got sick. She took me to the primary school and home every day. No matter when it’s rainy or windy.

  But one day, after we got home from school, my mother went into the bedroom and stayed in bed. I didn’t know what had happened.

  Isat beside her , my mother said to me , it doesn’t matter , mum only has a headache . I will be all right after a while. Although mother said so, I found tears in her eyes because of pain, at that time I knew adults also got ill and cried. I decided I would take care of my mother from then on.


  Although Christmas is a Western holiday, but now there are many Chinese people love it, perhaps because in the day we can get many gifts, or perhaps because it is

  Interesting, but I love it, and more than that, but also because we are teachers and students together, happy, except that the red, green and white between teachers and students outside of deep love.

  Hope the stars, get the moon, and finally looked forward happy Christmas. On that day, I arrived gate, suddenly, I was shocked, and saw a Santa Claus holding a saxophone, where side-hop edge blowing, extremely beautiful and it is filled with gifts and lawn around the time I really well want to touch it, the way it should be a gift ah! Hey! A pity! It is simply impossible. Immediately, I saw two or three from Santa Claus face, hands, also took a number of things, but unfortunately do not see what is inside. Powerful sense of curiosity that I can not help to pour into the crowd, along for the ride. So is the candy ah! Although I rarely eat candy, but not today, I would have to carry on eating one meal, even if I lost half of the teeth.


  My father is a peasant. Four years ago he came to the city, and found a job. And then my mother and I moved here. At that time, my father earned little money and could hardly support the family.

  I was small, short and thin then. My parents sometimes bought me some good food for me. I remember clearly once they gave me the roast chicken.




  Health is important for everybody. People need to pay attention to it. In summer, people need to pay special attention on it. Otherwise, they will get ill easily. In such high temperature, if people don’t pay attention to their health, they may get sunstroke. But if they often eat the food that can decrease internal heat, they will have less chance to get sunstroke. In addition, in summer, people always have hot temper because of the hot temperature. And it is easy to feel tired. So, they need to have enough rest to adjust themselves. In a word, people need to pay special attention in summer to live a healthy life.




  When we talk to other people, we will be pleased to chat with them if they are nice to us. On the contrary, if the person is rude and impolite, we will not want to listen to them. Manner matters so much in the communication. It reflects what kind of person we are. We need to form the manner and make us a polite person. First, we should be considerate. When people talk to us, we should think of the problem in their position, so that we will be patient and understand them. Second, we should not speak rude words. Impolite words will destroy the good impression. Manner is the mirror of who we are.


  当我们和他人交谈时, 如果他们很友善,我们就会喜欢跟他们聊天。相反,如果这个人是粗鲁和不礼貌的,我们就会不想听他们讲话。礼貌非常的重要,它反映了我们是什么样的人。我们需要养成礼貌,做一个有礼貌的人。首先,我们应该体贴一点。当别人跟我们讲话的时候,我们应该站在他们的立场想问题,这样我们就会有耐心、理解他们。第二,我们不应该说粗鲁的话。不礼貌的话会破坏好印象。礼貌是反应我们的镜子。


  Autumn's coming.

  She is in a yellow dress.

  She is coming across the fields. The fields are yellow now. The wheat is smiling. There are some farmers in the fields. They are processing the wheat.

  Look at the trees, there are many birds singing in the trees. Animals are dancing under the trees.

  They are happy!

  The sky is blue and clean. Many white clouds are in the sky. They look like sail boats. Take a deep breath, and then you may feel relaxed.

  Autumn is bewitching. I love autumn.











  某英文报举办“家乡的变化”主题征文活动。请你根据以下提示,“The changes in my hometown”为题,用英语写一篇80词左右的短文。


  生活贫困,房屋破旧。 污染严重,垃圾遍地。 交通不便,游客很少。


  住房宽敞明亮,许多人有了自己的汽车。 山更绿了,水更清了,天更蓝了。 每年有成千上万来自世界各地的游客。




  The Changes In My Hometown

  In the past, my hometown was very small, and people lived a poor life. The houses were old and small. Pollution was very serious, and there was rubbish everywhere. The traffic was not convenient, so few visitors came here.

  Now great changes have taken place in my hometown. The environment has become more beautiful. The mountains have turned greener, the rivers are clearer and the sky are bluer. There are trees, flowers and grass everywhere. People live a better life. Their houses are large and bright. Many people have their own cars. Every year , thousands of people from all over the world come to our city.

  I’m sure it will get richer and more beautiful in the future. I love my hometown.







  I think smiling is as important as sunshine. Smiling is like sunshine because it can make people happy and have a good day. If you aren’t happy, you can smile, and then you will feel happy. Someone may say, But I don’t feel happy. Then I would say, Please smile as you do when you are happy or play with your friends happily. You will really be happy again.

  You don’t like crying, right? So you must prefer smiling, because you know smiling will let people forget everything unhappy. Every day, we see teachers or students and say, Hi/Hello! How are you? At the same time, you are smiling, right?

  Smiling can let you have more friends. With a smile, people will know you’re a kind person. They will talk with you, so you will have more and more friends.

  So I say, smiling is like a flower, the sunshine, warmth. It will give you happiness.








  Someone said here Lei Feng comes in March and goes in April. I thought they were wrong. This afternoon the students of our class went to the bus stop to help the drivers clean the buses.

  As soon as the bus stopped at the station, a group of students got on it. Some cleaned the windows, some swept the floor, and others cleaned the wall inside. We worked hard while talking and laughing. When we found some coins lying on the floor, we picked them up and gave them to the conductors or the drivers.They were very happy and said, "It is very nice of you."

  When I got home, it was five o’clock. I felt a little tired, but I was very happy to have done a good deed.







  My best friend is Xiao Yi. She has short hair. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She lives on the tenth floor of a tall building. There are five people in her family.

  Xiao Yi likes to do sports. She likes to play badminton and volley ball. Her favourite color is pink. Her favorite food is fish and vegetables, because they are healthy. Her hobby is reading books and riding a bike. She often plays the computer or goes shopping on the weekend. Sometimes we go to KFC together. We go there by car.   I like my best friend—XiaoYi. We are good friends


  我的朋友是Xiao Yi。她有短头发。她有两只大眼睛和一张小嘴巴。她又高又瘦。她住在一幢高楼的第十层。她家里有五口人。

  Xiao Yi喜欢做运动。她喜欢打羽毛球和排球。她最喜欢的颜色是粉红色。她最喜欢的食物是鱼和蔬菜,因为它们很健康。她的爱好是看书和骑自行车。她经常在周末玩电脑或购物。有时我们一起去肯德基。我们开车去那儿。