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  Spring Festival, also called the Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in our country. It comes between late January and the middle of February. Every Chinese enjoys this festival very much.


  During Spring Festival, we have seven days off. We usually get together with our families on New Year’s Eve. We have so many delicious dishes, such as chicken, duck, fish, meat and so on. But we consider fish as our major dish, since having fish represents a wish that we will be prosperous in the next year. However, people in the north often eat dumplings. It means to ring out the old and usher in the new year. After supper, we always watch TV programs, the Spring Festival Gala is the tradition. Or we also play fireworks outside. On the first New Year's Day, we always pay New Year’s visit to our relatives and friends, so as to exchange our best regards with each other.


  By the way, I think the children are the happiest ones, because they can wear their new clothes and receive a lot of red envelopes.



  New Year is coming, so excited oh, for the children the most happy thing is to get a red envelope. Or to choose clothes how all have two big pockets!

  Look at that little red with anything, from time to time, patted his pocket, bulging, get a few sugar ate and put firecrackers, what a beautiful thing ah, can not so great for adults, the Chinese New Year is equal to the money, we still have so much sugar, beautiful but they are just lip service, can't take it seriously, should buy bought it, took the flowers, fireworks as usual, crackling big fish big meat a lot, always a good one million head!

  Look, couplet, and everyone's huan son, festival celebration, very lively! Such a grown-up ah, really good, are loathe to give up yourself, give children buy, really good shocked, I don't want to disappoint, they long to look a less-pressured mind!

  Finally here, bless you family, a happy every day!






  The spring festival is the loveliest in China, which is comes in February. Everyone loves it so much that prepare lots of things of the spring festival before it comes. In the spring festival holiday, people do many things, such as eat the dinner on the New Year‘s, set off fireworks, stroll the famous fair likes “Baiyunguan” fair.


  On the first day of lunar, the young generation congratulates the old generation with “Happy New Year!”


  Then the old generation will give the young some lucky money which wrapped with red paper or red envelope. Because red is a color with joyful. Lucky money means the old generation‘s love to the young and hope them can have a good luck in this new year. This is the lucky money which lots of the young want.



  Meet me in the eyes of the Spring Festival is cherish.

  When I am happy to accept a present from my relatives, I once again heard the ardent told: "the New Year, you again long one year old, want to study well ah..." Words may differ in thousands ways, but there is only one, cherish now that the precious time gone forever. I can't stop the footsteps of time, unable to retain my fond memories of the Spring Festival. I thought: this is me in the eyes of the Spring Festival. I will usher in the year after the Spring Festival, the most beautiful flower of life, the spring never comes back to you. I am willing to accept it, have it, control it, for the Spring Festival to show its true meaning.

  The Spring Festival in my eyes, it is missing and reunion, is the blessings and love, is to cherish and meet. And a memory that can be comparable to the rich and beautiful of the Spring Festival.





  At the first day of New Year, I was so excited that I got up very early in the morning. But Mother was earlier than me, and she had gotten the breakfast ready. Dumplings, that's my favourite. After the wonderful breakfast, I left home with my parents to visit our relatives. On the way, I said "Happy New Year" to everyone that I met and they all said that back to me. Everyone is happy and friendly. In my relatives' house, they prepared many sweets and snacks for visitors. They are all very delicious. The more exciting thing was that I got some money from my relatives. I had a fine day in my relatives' family.

  My first day of New Year was very happy. It was a good start, and I would try my best to make this happiness last for the whole year.